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Wills & Trusts: Will Package – Married Couple – Reciprocal Wills


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A properly drafted and executed Will is vital for anyone who wishes to exercise any control over how their assets are distributed after their death. Using reciprocal Wills, a married couple can set up a mutually agreeable plan for distribution of assets. We will draft Wills for a married couple, meeting all of the requirements under Washington law and using best practices to avoid questions relating to enforceability. These Wills will have the same gifting provisions as to any children or third parties, and provisions as to spouses will be reciprocal. This package includes the preparation of a Community Property Agreement (which may help avoid probate at the passing of the first spouse). This package also includes an Advance Healthcare Directive and a Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare for each spouse. We offer witness and notary services in our office, or for clients not located close enough to take advantage of those services, we provide clear instructions for executing the Wills in compliance with Washington’s strict rules.