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Start Your Business: LLC Premium Package – Multiple Member – Construction Contractor


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  • LLC Certificate of Formation Filing Fee - Washington
  • Washington Master Business License Application Fee
  • Construction Contractor License Application Fee
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We will form your new multiple member Washington limited liability company by preparing and filing a Certificate of Formation and the required Initial Annual Report, as well as preparing and filing an Application for Employer Identification Number with IRS and the Washington State Master Business License Application, including the Construction Contractor License Application. We will provide you with a Multiple Member Operating Agreement and Organizational Minutes and Resolutions, customized to suit your needs. Included in this package is one hour of attorney time for revisions to the Operating Agreement, and this package includes the option to buy 60 minutes of post-formation attorney consultation time at a 50% discount from Lucent Law’s standard attorney hourly rate. You will also receive Lucent Law’s exclusive Owner’s Manual for Your New LLC. We will also provide you with these additional documents and agreements for the launch of your construction contracting business: (1) a Construction Contract (customized for your status as either a general construction contractor, a specialty construction contractor or a remodeler), including a scope of work exhibit and a change order exhibit; (2) Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for your website; and (3) payment terms language for use with your invoices and statements. This fixed-price package is limited to LLCs with four or fewer members and a single class of members; please contact us for a fee estimate if you need to form an LLC with more members or multiple classes. Fees payable to the State of Washington or any municipality for filing of the Certificate of Formation, Initial Annual Report, Master Business License Application, and Construction Contractor License Application, or other required fees (collectively, “Out of Pocket Costs”) are not included in the package price. The minimum Out of Pocket Costs will be collected at checkout. You will be invoiced later for any Out of Pocket Costs in excess of the amount collected at checkout. You are responsible for obtaining the required contractor’s bond and insurance through your insurance agent; we will offer a referral if needed, and we will coordinate obtaining the bond and insurance at our normal hourly rates, if requested.