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Real Estate: Statutory Warranty Deed


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Improperly drafted deeds can create troublesome clouds on title. We will prepare a Statutory Warranty Deed and the required Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit for transfer of title to real estate where a warranty of title is desired by the parties. This service requires that the parcel to be conveyed has an assigned county tax parcel number, and you must give us either a copy of the last vesting deed or a copy of a title insurance policy or a title insurance commitment which describes the property to be conveyed. Does not include title research to ensure that the party granting the Statutory Warranty Deed is in title. This type of deed is appropriate where one party is buying the property from the other party. For a Quit Claim Deed appropriate for gifting, clearing title, and other circumstances in which there is no consideration, see our Quit Claim Deed page. Recording fees, excise tax affidavit processing fees and excise taxes are not included. This service includes instructions on how to file the Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavit and record the Statutory Warranty Deed. Lucent Law offers a filing and recording service for an extra fee.