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Real Estate: Residential – Purchase and Sale Agreement – Condominium Unit


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When a buyer and seller of a condominium unit come together without the help of a Realtor, it can often be difficult for the parties to put together an appropriate purchase and sale agreement and advance through the stages of a typical condominium sale without guidance. We can help at a very reasonable fixed cost. We will: prepare a Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement on behalf of either the buyer or seller of a residential condominium unit; order a title insurance commitment from title insurer; order a condominium resale certificate from the homeowners’ association; prepare necessary exhibits to the Purchase and Sale Agreement; and coordinate with closing agent. Includes one (1) revision to the Purchase and Sale Agreement resulting from negotiations with the other party to the agreement. Additional revisions will be billed at $100 each. Does not include review of the title commitment exceptions (including but not limited to declaration of covenants, conditions & restrictions, easements and other encumbrances); review of the condominium resale certificate; performance of due diligence; assistance with a buyer’s mortgage lender; or other matters not described in the scope of work above.