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Manage Your Business: LLC Operating Agreement – Multiple Members


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A well-drafted Operating Agreement is a crucial aspect of a properly organized LLC, especially when the LLC has multiple members. The Operating Agreement provides the rules under which the members will work together, helping to avoid disputes over issues such as ownership percentages, voting rights, management rights, liability for additional capital contributions, and others. We will draft a customized multiple-member operating agreement for your LLC. Included is one hour of attorney time for revisions to the Operating Agreement. Additional attorney consultation time is available at our standard hourly rates. This fixed-price service is limited to LLCs with four or fewer members and a single class of members; please contact us for a fee estimate if you need an Operating Agreement for an LLC with more members or multiple classes. This detailed agreement is unecessarily complex for an LLC in which all interests in the LLC are owned by a single individual or a married couple; for an appropriate Operating Agreement for that circumstance, see our Single Member Operating Agreement.