Life, Wealth and Legacy Planning

You have worked hard to build financial success and to acquire assets to provide comfort and security to you and your family. You want to protect these assets during your lifetime, to have them managed by trusted persons in the event you become incapacitated, and to pass them to the people and/or charities of your choosing after your death.

Proper planning in advance is critical to achieving these goals, and can also minimize delay and costs associated with probate and estate taxes. Such planning is not only a benefit to you, but is also a gift to your loved ones by providing clarity and certainty in the difficult times that come with your incapacity or death.

A well-crafted estate plan can even provide continuing benefits to your loved ones long after your death by protecting assets from lawsuits, divorce and other unexpected events that may happen to your children or other beneficiaries. Our attorneys use thoughtful planning to provide you with a clear roadmap to control your destiny and feel secure in knowing that your wishes will be fulfilled that reflects your legacy.

We can help you achieve these goals through a variety of means, including:

  • Wills—Control the distribution of your assets, rather than letting the state’s default dictate to whom and how your assets are handled after your death
  • Trusts—Provide protection for your assets during your life and after, and assure that those who are to benefit from them are able to do so, using Revocable Living Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, and others
  • Durable Power of Attorney—Don’t make your family go to court to have a guardian appointed for you if you become incapacitated, as so many of us will—save time and money, and control the appointment of a trusted advisor or family member to care for your financial and/or healthcare matters by executing a durable power of attorney
  • Advance Medical Directive—Also known as a heath care directive, this vital document permits you to make your wishes for various healthcare decisions to be know while you have the ability to do so. All Sullivan Stromberg, PLLC estate planning clients are provided an advance medical directive free of charge.
  • Administration—We also provide assistance in trust and estate administration and probate.

Too many people make the mistake of thinking that estate planning is for the rich only, but this is simply not true. Every adult should have a durable power of attorney and an advance medical directive in place. If you own a single asset over which you wish to exert control regarding its ultimate distribution after your death, you should have a properly drafted will. If you have small children or pets, you should have a will that includes guardianship and trust provisions to provide for care in the event of your death. And, many “middle class” families can benefit from the use of a trust to avoid unnecessary cost and delay associated with probate.

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