Lillie Davies

Lillie Davies, Marketing Manager

Lillie has a passion for positive thinking and finds meaning through her connection to people. As a “creative”, she strives to use her broad skill set to tell a meaningful and compelling brand story.

A North Idaho College graduate, Lillie came to Lucent Law in the summer of 2017 with seven years of in-house marketing experience. Lillie is also a sales and retail-management veteran. Her eclectic experience has given her a well-rounded grasp of the client journey. Her understanding of how to create a positive customer experience is an appreciated fixture to our front office.  She enjoys problem-solving and helps wherever she can to ensure daily procedures flow unhindered.

You can find Lillie’s handiwork in places like our business collateral, social media posts and even the staff photos for our website.

Lillie grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has an adventurous spirit, which is why you most certainly can find her exploring the outdoors with her young family. She has even been known to jump out of a fully functioning airplane. Luckily, she is smart enough to wear a parachute!