Probate is a technical and time-sensitive process that unfortunately comes during a period of emotional stress after the death of a loved one.

Lucent Law’s experienced lawyers, paralegals and staff can help reduce the stress by answering all of your questions and making the process clear and smooth. We’ve taken hundreds of estates through probate, so we’re prepared to help with any issues that may come up. We also know that not all estates need to go through probate and we can guide you through alternative options that may be available for small estates or in other circumstances. Regardless of where your loved one lived in Washington or Idaho, we can help.

Lucent Law’s knowledgeable and caring lawyers, paralegals and staff can help you handle an estate with efficient and cost-effective services regardless of the size of the estate:

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State-wide Probate Services

In Washington state, a probate can be filed and processed in any county, regardless of where the decedent lived. That means we can help you probate your loved one’s Washington estate wherever they lived (and wherever you live, too).

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Full Probate

If probate is required, Lucent Law can help you move through the process efficiently and as quickly as the law allows. We’ve seen hundreds of estates, so we’re prepared for whatever issues might come up.

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Ancillary Probate

If the decedent had assets in multiple states, the full probate is undertaken where they lived, and secondary, or “ancillary” probates are done in the other states. We can help with ancillary probates in Washington and Idaho.

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Small Estates

If the value of the assets is low enough, probate may not be required. We’ll help you figure out if this option works for you and help you with the process.

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Affidavit of No Probate

Sometimes all that’s needed is recorded notice that title to real estate has transferred as a result of your loved one’s passing. We’ll prepare and record the notice, known as an Affidavit of No Probate, at a reasonable fixed fee.

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Trust Administration

We can provide experienced guidance and draft needed documentation to help with all phases of trust administration. Issues become especially acute when a trustee dies or becomes incapacitated.

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Estate Tax

Washington has an estate tax that affects a surprising number of estates, while the federal estate tax affects a handful, as well. We’ll help you understand whether either tax affects your loved one’s estate and ensure all required returns are prepared and filed.

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Heirs and Beneficiaries

For the heirs and beneficiaries of estates and trusts, we can help you understand your rights and ensure that proper procedures are being followed by the trustee, executor or personal representative.

When it comes to handling the estate of a departed loved one, whether through probate, trust administration, or other means, Lucent Law can help. Knowledge is power, so be sure to take a look at our Blog & Resources on probate and trust administration. We’re always happy to answer questions or consult with you about which of our services might be right for you.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your probate-related needs.

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Single Owner LLC Package

The experienced business law team of Lucent Law, PLLC will form your new single owner Washington limited liability company by preparing and filing a Certificate of Formation and the required Initial Annual Report. This package also features:

  • Our online Rapid Filing service is included (typically, we will file the formation documents within one business day after the questionnaire is completed)
  • A customized Operating Agreement with built-in language to provide for a successor manager to manage the affairs of the LLC in case of incapacity or death of the owner
  • Organizational Minutes and Resolutions to establish the initial decisions that the LLC must make concerning its business and legal affairs
  • Our exclusive Owner’s Manual for Your New LLC
  • Our EssentialAgent registered agent service at no cost for the first year of registered agent services. Visit our EssentialAgent page at our website for more information.
  • Attorney consultation after formation is available at our standard hourly rates.
  • Access to a secure client portal to access company information
  • The filing fee charged by the Washington Secretary of State’s office of $200.00 is not included in our fee and will be automatically added at checkout.

This LLC Formation Package is designed for one owner (either a single person or entity or a married person whose spouse will not be an identified member).