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Experienced Legal Guidance is Critical for Homeowners and Condo Owners Associations.

Getting involved in helping run your neighborhood HOA or condominium owners association can be a great way to engage with your community. However, serving on an association board requires an understanding of numerous legal documents, such as Declarations of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions, contracts, and corporation bylaws, as well as an understanding of how to run a corporation. Most homeowners who become board members have little or no experience in these matters and need guidance. Lucent Law’s lawyers have deep experience in all of the matters affecting owners associations, and we can help ensure that your HOA or condo association operates smoothly and effectively. Of course, we are also very well versed in helping real estate and condo developers set up HOAs and draft CC&Rs, as well as helping HOAs and condo associations with changes to their CC&Rs, from minor corrections to complete overhauls.

Lucent Law’s attorneys have the experience and know-how to help with the full spectrum of owners association matters:

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Well-written covenants (aka, Declarations or CC&Rs) and coordinated bylaws are critical to starting an HOA on the right path. Setting things up right at the beginning helps real estate developers by reducing the chances of conflicts with homeowners over the covenants and HOA management.

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Even the best CC&Rs need to be revised over time to meet changing needs of the community. Lucent Law’s lawyers have helped dozens of HOAs modernize and improve their CC&Rs and Bylaws.

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Property Operations

One of the primary jobs of an HOA is to oversee the maintenance and use of the common areas of the community and to enforce restrictions on the homes or units within it by interpreting and enforcing the CC&Rs. Lucent Law’s lawyers have decades of experience helping HOA board members successfully address these issues.

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Corporate Operations

Another primary job facing the board of an HOA is proper operation of the corporation that is the HOA. Doing things the right way is to the benefit of both the board and the association members - ensuring that everyone’s rights are respected and the acts of the association are valid. The proper procedures are not always intuitive, but Lucent Law’s lawyers have been guiding HOA boards through the ins-and-outs of corporate management for many years.

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Enforcement and Collections

HOA boards sometimes find themselves in the unfortunate position of having to take action to enforce CC&Rs or collect assessments against association members. Lucent Law’s lawyers have the training and experience to handle these matters effectively and efficiently.

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Member Representation

Individual members of HOAs often have questions about actions taken by their HOAs or their rights under their community CC&Rs. We can provide thoughtful, practical advice to help you understand and enforce your rights.

If your HOA is looking for legal and practical guidance, or if you are a homeowner needing advice about actions taken by your HOA, let the lawyers of Lucent Law put their experience and training to work for you.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your HOA legal matters.

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