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Life takes many twists and turns, whether you’re a younger person just getting started with your career, starting a family or embarking upon retirement. We want to help you plan for the unexpected no matter your stage of life. Lucent Law has the experience, understanding, and expertise to help you plan for the life you want to lead and protect your life’s work for your loved ones or your favorite charity.

We offer both will-based and trust-based estate planning services, along with the full range of lifetime planning services. Our clients who choose will-based planning are able to control the distribution of their assets upon passing in a manner consistent with their goals. Clients who choose trust-based planning typically want more privacy regarding the distributions of assets, want to simplify the distribution of assets to beneficiaries, or want to avoid the probate process.

As important as having a plan in place for your passing is having the proper protections in place during your lifetime. Lucent Law is ready to help you with your lifetime health and financial planning as well, including financial and healthcare powers of attorney, community property agreements, and advance healthcare directives.

We know that long term care costs can be a significant burden for many people, so we also offer advice concerning qualification for Medicaid eligibility.

All of our estate planning services include notary and witness services in our office and we can provide mobile notarization services upon request. We also include a complimentary Estate Planning Checkup Service, where we’ll reach out to you about every six months to see if any changes have occurred in your circumstance which may require adjustments to your estate planning.

We can help you achieve your estate planning goals through a variety of services, including:

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Protect your life’s work and assets by controlling the distribution of your property upon your passing in a thoughtful manner, rather than letting state law dictate how your property is distributed.

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Maintain privacy over the distribution of your assets, avoid probate and assure that those who are to benefit from your property are able to do so, using Revocable Living Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, and other instruments.

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Trust & Estate Administration

We represent beneficiaries with regard to their rights under trusts and wills in probate. We represent trustees, personal representatives and executors to help them fulfill their obligations under trust instruments and in probate.

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Powers of Attorney

Avoid court intervention if you become incapacitated, as so many of us will - save time and money and control the appointment of a trusted family member or advisor to care for your financial and/or healthcare matters by executing a durable power of attorney.

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Advance Medical Directives

Also known as an advance healthcare directive, or a living will, this vital document permits you to make your wishes known for various healthcare decisions to be made if you are unable to do so. All Lucent Law estate planning clients receive an advance medical directive included as part of our estate planning services.

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Lucent Law will work with you to evaluate your estate plan and implement the best options to preserve your property distribution goals in the context of the financial burden of long term care that often requires middle class families to apply for Medicaid. Knowledge and pre-planning are the keys to avoiding Medicaid application eligibility pitfalls and excessive spend down.

Lucent Law offers a number of affordable fixed-fee estate planning services for individuals and families through our EssentialLaw program.

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Single Owner LLC Package

The experienced business law team of Lucent Law, PLLC will form your new single owner Washington limited liability company by preparing and filing a Certificate of Formation and the required Initial Annual Report. This package also features:

  • Our online Rapid Filing service is included (typically, we will file the formation documents within one business day after the questionnaire is completed)
  • A customized Operating Agreement with built-in language to provide for a successor manager to manage the affairs of the LLC in case of incapacity or death of the owner
  • Organizational Minutes and Resolutions to establish the initial decisions that the LLC must make concerning its business and legal affairs
  • Our exclusive Owner’s Manual for Your New LLC
  • Our EssentialAgent registered agent service at no cost for the first year of registered agent services. Visit our EssentialAgent page at our website for more information.
  • Attorney consultation after formation is available at our standard hourly rates.
  • Access to a secure client portal to access company information
  • The filing fee charged by the Washington Secretary of State’s office of $200.00 is not included in our fee and will be automatically added at checkout.

This LLC Formation Package is designed for one owner (either a single person or entity or a married person whose spouse will not be an identified member).