Lucent Law has rethought the practice of law. EssentialLawsm is a convenient and secure platform to easily find and order the right legal service, delivered by experienced lawyers, for real estate, business, estate planning and personal legal needs. All at a clear, fixed fee—so the only surprise is how painless we’ve made hiring a lawyer!

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The Lucent Law EssentialLaw Process

Step 1

You choose and order the package or service that best fits your needs.

Step 2

We review your information and conduct an optional consultation with you.

Step 3

We carefully prepare your documents and deliver them to you electronically.

Step 4

You sign your new legal documents – usually with a simple e-signature.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

The lawyers at Lucent Law have provided on numerous occasions a common sense approach to law in both personal and business matters. Their ability to focus and anticipate the issues, map out a course of action, set and communicate expectations and obtain favorable results has exceeded my expectations each and every time. Most recently, they assisted with a residential construction project. From the very beginning of the contract review to the construction defect dispute, the results have been better than expected.

For years we have trusted the attorneys of Lucent Law to handle all our LLC legal matters. From simple certificate of formation filings to complex operating agreements with multiple membership classes, the Lucent Law attorneys have always provided solid legal counsel to ensure smooth operations of our LLC entities from formation to dissolution.

The attorneys of Lucent Law were a huge help getting our business venture quickly up and running with legal solutions that met our needs. The fixed price options for incorporation were affordable and straight forward.