Can I Use “The” In Front of My Business Name?

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Seems like a simple question, right? Not necessarily. The answer depends on a few factors.

1) It is possible that adding the word “The” in front of your business name may cause the business name to conflict with a registered trade name in Washington state.

2) If the business is incorporated (as either a corporation or as a limited liability company) without the word “The”, and this word will be added to the business name that is held out to the public, then the business entity will need to register the full name as a trade name.

3) It is possible that by adding the word “The” in front of the business name, the owner may cause a conflict with a previously established trademark right.

Care should be taken when forming a new business, or changing the name of an existing business, to verify that the name will be available for use and does not conflict with any previously established right.