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We are a full-service law firm, offering a comprehensive range of services to individuals and small businesses in the areas of real estate, business law, and trusts and estates in addition to our online offerings.
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We offer a range of services online. Get started anytime for help with your business, real estate, personal, and estate planning needs with our convenient online
EssentialLawSM site.
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The Lucent Law Story

It’s no secret that the internet has changed the way a lot of business is done. The legal industry has trailed behind many other industries in adapting to the internet’s influence. Until now, the only way to get anything like legal services online was to buy fill-in-the-blank forms from non-lawyer form sellers like legalzoom.com. Lucent Law, PLLC was created to change that, by bringing together the efficiencies offered by technology with the knowledge, experience and attention-to-detail its attorneys have to offer.  We offer the services you would expect from any small law firm in the areas real estate, business law, and wills and trusts, but we also offer some of those services online through our EssentialLawsm platform at clear, fixed prices.  Through EssentialLawsm, clients can engage us online, at their convenience, while still getting a lawyer’s knowledge and advice. Whether it’s through our EssentialLawsm website or through traditional face-to-face engagement, we are committed to providing each client with top quality legal advice and customer service at fair prices.

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