Who is Lucent Law?


Brett Sullivan and Spencer Stromberg

We are Brett Sullivan and Spencer Stromberg, and we are the founders of Lucent Law. We have been law partners since 2010 when we founded Sullivan Stromberg, PLLC in Spokane, Washington. We are both long-time Spokane residents with ties to other parts of the Pacific Northwest—you can read more about Brett here and Spencer here. We changed the name of our firm to Lucent Law, PLLC in 2015 when we launched this website.

What is Lucent Law?

Lucent Law is a law firm practicing in the areas of real estate, business, and wills, trusts and estates. In practical terms, we help clients with a broad spectrum of issues such as land purchases, business formations, loan transactions, land development, business agreements, wills, living trusts, and many others. Our goal is to be able to help individuals, families and small businesses with all aspects of their property ownership and business operations.

But Lucent Law is more than that.  With the launch of our EssentialLawsm online platform in July 2015, we are also at the forefront of leveraging technology to make legal services more affordable and accessible. Now, you can review and order our 175+ fixed-fee legal services and documents any time, at your convenience. Using information we gather from you through intelligent and easy-to-prepare forms and an optional in-person, telephone or video consultation, our staff and lawyers will quickly and efficiently provide the services you’ve ordered. Along with your documents, you get the peace of mind of knowing that they were prepared by a knowledgeable and experienced attorney.

Why did we create Lucent Law EssentialLawsm?

We created EssentialLawsm because we saw that there were a lot of individuals and small business owners with unmet legal needs, largely due to the cost of getting those needs met through a traditional law firm.  In many cases, people don’t even try to use a lawyer because they are afraid of what it will cost. The result is that many people are trying to perform their own legal services and create their own legal documents, frequently with disastrous results. Here are just a few examples of the issues we’ve come across in our practice:

  • wills that are invalid, so the deceased’s wishes are not carried out;
  • business partners operating with imprecise–or simply incorrect–agreements, leading to disputes and costly litigation;
  • leases that fail to meet statutory requirements, exposing the landlord to lost rents, or worse—liability to their tenant for damages;
  • contracts that don’t meet minimum legal standards, fail to accomplish the client’s goals and, worse, expose the client to significant business and personal liability

Our past experiences convinced us of the need for Lucent Law’s EssentialLawsm platform. Prior to forming Sullivan Stromberg, PLLC in 2010, we had both worked in larger law firms.  More importantly, though, we both had also owned and worked in non-law-related businesses.  Brett was in-house counsel and project manager in a pair of family-owned real estate development and home building businesses focusing on residential land development and investment, as well as the construction of new single-family homes.  Spencer was in-house counsel, project manager, and property manager for a family-owned real estate development and management company focusing on historic renovation of apartments, condominiums, and commercial buildings. Spencer is also a co-owner of a business operating restaurants and breweries.

These experiences, together with years of contact with individuals and small business owners as friends, clients and potential clients, showed us that it can be very difficult for the average person or business to get legal representation at a price they can afford.  These experiences also opened our minds to doing things in ways that law firms typically would not.

We knew there was a better way.  We knew that if we could improve upon the efficiency of the law firm model, we could reach more people at lower cost.  We know we cannot meet every legal need with fixed fees using the EssentialLawsm platform. That’s why Lucent Law still offers comprehensive legal services in the traditional law firm model–although we remain committed to reasonable and clear legal fees, even with matters that are billed on an hourly basis. However, we will continually work to expand on the documents and services we offer through EssentialLawsm so we can meet the legal needs of average people and small businesses at reasonable fixed prices.  Check back regularly or join our newsletter to keep informed about new documents and services available from the lawyers at Lucent Law.

We spent nearly two years working through the practical, ethical, and technological details necessary to launch Lucent Law’s EssentialLawsm platform to provide legal documents that are both cost-effective and legally correct for each individual client’s situation and needs—all at a reasonable, up-front fixed price.

How is EssentialLawsm different from LegalZoom, RocketLawyer, and other websites that sell legal forms online?

Form sellers like LegalZoom and RocketLawyer have grown to try to fill the gap in legal services, but they can’t provide individually tailored legal advice and documents.  These form seller are not lawyers, and they are legally barred from providing any form of legal advice.  The consumer buying the forms typically does not have the training to fill in the blanks correctly, or to know which option is right for his or her unique situation. We do not offer do-it-yourself, fill-in-the-blank forms.  While we do use online forms to gather information from you, our experienced attorneys and staff use that information to prepare your legal documents ourselves – quickly and efficiently.

As lawyers, we have been trained and licensed to understand the legal implications of each piece of information that goes into selecting and customizing the right legal document, and we constantly receive up-to-date continuing education to be sure we stay informed of the latest developments in the law.  Lucent Law only provides services and documents to individuals and businesses living and working in Washington and Idaho, because these are the states in which we are licensed to practice, and where our continuing education keeps us current with the state of the law.

Additionally, the form sellers are not able to provide the document review services we offer, or to provide continuing advice and assistance regarding the use of a contract or the operation of an LLC.  We have been helping our clients in those ways for years. When you work with Lucent Law’s EssentialLawsm, you will be in contact with real people working in a real law firm. The form sellers will offer to refer you to a lawyer at an additional cost, but with EssentialLawsm the lawyer’s expertise is always included, right from the beginning.

Lucent Law’s EssentialLawsm combines the convenience and affordable pricing of the form sellers with the knowledge, expertise, and follow-through of real lawyers licensed to practice in the states where the documents will be used and the services provided.

Thank you for learning a bit about us.

Brett Sullivan and Spencer Stromberg